Our Curate is Fr Aiden Edwards. He comes from Norfolk where he worked for Norwich Union (now Aviva) from the age of 18 to 31, working as a senior underwriter, assessing insurance risks and giving technical advice and support to colleagues. He then left to train for the priesthood at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield. 

Fr Aiden is rooted in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England and therefore places a great emphasis on evangelisation through the seven sacraments of the Church and traditional theology. Pastoral care is at the heart of Fr Aiden's work. He believes strongly in the power of good preaching and empowering the laity to live-out their Christian calling and be a priesthood of believers. 

Fr Aiden invited his Mum, Samantha, to live here in St Annes, and he is now mobile after passing his driving test in late 2018. In his spare time, Fr Aiden enjoys a range of culinary experiences, cooking, driving to new places, reading up on theology, and being at home. 



   On 2nd July 2018  Bishop Philip, in the presence of Bishop Julian, ordained Fr Aiden Edwards




          Father Aiden's first Mass on 5th July 2018